How a Blanket Changed My Life

August 30, 2017, will be a day I will never forget.  My dad lost his battle to cancer after receiving his second bone marrow transplant.  He had been battling Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma for the past 11 years. 

A few days prior to August 30th my dad was admitted to the ICU.  Due to complications, infections, and a low immune system all his organs were shutting down.  I knew when I left the hospital on August 29th that things were not good. This was a fact that I was having a hard time accepting.  You see for the last 11 years my daddy always got better, but this time I was doubting he would get better.

My phone rang at around 5 am.  It is never a good sign when your phone rings that early in the morning.  It was my mom and she told me I needed to hurry and get to the hospital that my dad was done fighting and he was ready to return to his Heavenly Home.  When I got to the hospital my dad was coherent and confirmed to me that it was his time to go. At this point I wanted my dad to be free of the physical pain he had experienced the last 11 years.  My dad had the amazing ability to always make people laugh. He had us laughing right until he passed.

What does this have to do with a blanket and my life?  You see after leaving the hospital and coming home a sweet neighbor had heard about my dad's passing.  She showed up at my door with a beautiful, warm, pink blanket. It was so soft and so cuddly. After she left my house I opened it up and wrapped it around me.  I saw the tag and that she had purchased it at Pick Your Plum. Well, I lived about 5 min from the Pick Your Plum warehouse and it just happened to be a Wednesday, a day the warehouse was open to shoppers.  So what else do you do when you are depressed? You go shopping. Yes, you heard that right...we went shopping a few hours after my dad passed. My dad spent many hours sitting on a bench at many stores waiting for us while we shopped. He would have expected nothing else. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any more blankets at the warehouse. Since then, I have purchased a few more online. I sleep with one on my bed every night.

Over the next year, I kept seeing Alison Prince's Ads on how to start your own business.  I watched the videos online and prayed my heart out. I bit the bullet and bought her program at the end of July of 2018.  I worked my Butt off for the next month and slept very little. I launched my store on August 27, 2018. I will be celebrating my 1 year Birthday of my store in a few weeks!!

I started this business so I could earn extra money to help bone marrow, transplant patients.  I have not returned to LDS Hospital since my dad passed. My dad had 2 bone marrow transplants there and was hospitalized for several months.  This is a huge financial burden for families. The amount of money spent on food and gas piles up with the hospital bills. I have a goal to return to the 8th floor of LDS Hospital (Bone Marrow Transplant Floor) with baskets filled with Gas Cards, Gift cards for food, warm blankets (because it is freezing even in the summer at the hospital), and other items to ease their burdens. 

So you see...a blanket really can change a life.  It is my goal and my hope that the pink blanket that I received can bring joy and happiness to many other people.  It may not change their life, but mine has been forever changed. I have a purpose and a mission. I won’t give up and I will make this happen!!



  • Although, my career isn’t serving a noble cause, I’m grateful to be a small part of this wonderful mission my wife is working hard to accomplish!

    You’re amazing Corkylou! Keep up the great work! I’m very proud of you and love you and I know your dad is too!

    As I remember his last week on earth 2 years ago! I’ll never forget his remarkable bravery and endurance through his suffering! He was hurting so bad, yet he was making sure everyone that came to visit felt loved! He was looking for the positive and trying so hard to make love the focus. Love for his family, but he also wanted us to love each other!

    I remember feeling like he was very close to the savior! I felt like he was truly seeking to do his will!

    It so awesome you are also seeking to love other and help them feel loved like the savior!

    Mike Hagberg
  • I’m a nurse on East 8! There is nothing that’s more amazing then seeing past families come and comfort current families on the unit. I know for a fact that kind of support is the only way to get through it some days. I love that you are honoring your dad this way!! 🧡💚

  • Thanks for sharing. I sure miss your dad.

    Terri Rigby
  • Courtney, I love this story. You have wonderful desire to help others , I love your thoughts. . Thanks for the positive vibes 🌻

    Ann Woodhouse

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